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from our newly lush life

“max’s kansas city was an oasis, and nobody there wanted a record of what they were doing.” lucky for us there is a record, and it will be on display at two exhibitions – at the steven kasher gallery, and (focusing on max’s artist regulars) the loretta howard gallery. both galleries located in chelsea launch their exhibits on september 15. this late bloomer will be there to catch a glimpse of patti smith and robert mapplethorpe, if only in a photograph.

an andy warhol bar tab, showing a $200 credit for a work of art

from left: paul morrissey, warhol, janis joplin and tim buckley, 1968

steven kasher gallery / 521 west 23rd street / max’s kansas city

loretta howard gallery / 525 west 26th street / artists at max’s kansas city, 1965–1974 hetero-holics and some women too

photographs from the new york times

shakespeare’s romeo and juliet meets the passionate music of singer-songwriter jeff buckley in the last goodbye. conceived and adapted by the talented michael kimmel, the show runs at the williamstown theatre festival through august 20. if you can’t make the trip to the berkshires, chances are you’ll be able to see it in the future on broadway. this is only the beginning for the last goodbye.

charley harper’s paintings have appeared in nature-oriented magazines and on posters for many conservation-minded organizations. his work lacks “fuss and feathers” – minimal realism as he calls it. “i don’t try to put everything in, i try to leave everything out. i never count the feathers in the wings; i just count the wings.”

i’m crazy about his work and would love to hang a piece in my home one day. it is perfect for a kid’s room – or mine if i could convince my husband that a possy of possums would enhance our bedroom.

alec baldwin is the proud new owner of this kim mccarty watercolor. last night i watched mr. 30 rock make the winning bid of $35,000 at artwalk ny – an auction to raise money for the coalition for the homeless – the parent organization of first step.

needless to say, i did not raise a paddle, but did enjoy nibbling on mini hot dogs, sipping wine, viewing art, listening to carey lowell (richard gere’s wife) speak and hob nobbing with new york socialites. most of all, it was wonderful to see a large, supported fundraiser raising money for such an important organization. i hope many new yorkers’ lives will be made better because of it.

liesbet bussche
liesbet bussche2

larger than life jewelry by belgian designer liesbet bussche. images from very very beautiful.

“you are what you eat” is a series of portraits documenting the content of refrigerators in homes across america. each fridge is photographed as is. below are contrasting refrigerators – one belonging to a bartender, the other a middle school teacher (both from san antonio). i’ll let you match up.

images from jen bekman gallery>tatjana
karl-heinrich lehmann

courtesy of tatjana via and karl-heinrich lehmann via the met



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